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Drakensberg Accommodation | Accommodation in Kwazulu-NatalThe Drakensberg Mountain range forms part of the Great South African Escarpment running from the Northern Province south, past Lesotho and the Eastern Cape into the Southern Cape. From there it moves north of the Cape Folded Mountains to Sutherland in the Karoo, before continuing northwards towards Springbok in the Northern Cape.
The KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg forms the high escarpment and boasts peaks reaching well over 3000m above sea level. The highest in South Africa. “The Mountain of Dragons”, gives rise to the mighty Tugela River which upon reaching the Mont-aux-Sources Plateau, plunges a devastating distance in a display of cascading steps, forming the “Tugela Falls”, one of the highest waterfalls known to man.

Seemingly older than time itself the formidable Ukhahlamba or “Barrier of Spears”, was home to ancient KhoiSan hunter-gatherers. Providing them with food and shelter against the elements and later enemies such as the Nguni tribes and European farmers. Eventually displaced, their legacy remains in the form of some 35 000 rock art paintings, each a pičce de résistance, detailing their daily existence and a poignant reminder of the fate of these small, unobtrusive and resourceful inhabitants.
Being included as a world heritage site in 2000, has catapulted this region onto the world stage and it is now being internationally recognised as an area rich in both cultural and natural treasures.
Diverse climatic conditions have given rise to a flora and fauna unique to the KZN Drakensberg region, with a variety of grasses adorning the lower lying areas and delicate mountain flora found in the higher reaches. Although not a big 5 area, the KZN Drakensberg plays host to a large number of smaller animals including small antelope, reptiles, Lynx, serval, African wildcat, black-backed jackals, Cape fox, large spotted genets and otters. Eland can still be found within the reaches of some of the National Parks and play an important role as historically, the giant antelope were highly respected by the San people and are depicted in many of their paintings.
Spirituality has always been synonymous with mountain formations and the KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg embodies all that is divine

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Everyday pressures are quickly forgotten in a place where tranquillity reigns. Guests visiting any of the abundant retreats can indulge in pure solidarity with nature.
A range of Drakensberg accommodation options are on offer to any potential visitor. Numerous, cosy Bed and Breakfasts, Self Catering Cottages and Guest Houses scatter this magical landscape. Country Hotels, Game Lodges, Holiday Resorts, Hotels and Caravan and Camping sites are also available.
Apart from mountaineering and hiking other activities available in the area include horseback riding, fly-fishing, mountain biking, cultural tours, San rock art tours, battlefield tours, abseiling, rafting, bird watching, photographic safaris, art safaris and more.

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