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Elephant Coast Accommodation | Accommodation In KwaZulu NatalStraight from the pages of a Wilbur Smith novel, conjuring images of slave ships and locals adorned in wooden beads and loin cloths, this idyllic and untamed KwaZulu Natal Coastline features an expanse of sun-bleached beaches, dense mottled vegetation, inland fresh water lakes, estuaries and mangrove swamps. Powder-fine, pristine sand squeaks underfoot, while soaring overhead, a pair of Palm-Nut Vultures manipulate invisible thermals. Lose yourself in the magnificence and overwhelming tranquility of the Elephant Coast.

Benefiting under stringent conservation rule the region is flourishing. It is here where ancient leatherback and loggerhead turtles return year after year – emerging from the relevant safety of the Ocean to scoop out suitable nests in which to lay their eggs, and where one still finds rocks encrusted with mussels and urchins. Littered with an innumerable variety of sea shells, a quick saunter down the beach quickly develops into a day long adventure as you become absorbed into a micro world of colours and texture. Guarded by clusters of razor sharp barnacles, the rock pools offer an abundance of luminescent wonders. Minute fish nibbling excitedly, seaweed swaying in time with the currents and predators cruising the channels. Under the thick canopy of the coastal dune forests, the air is heavy and still. Limbs of trees intertwine forming haunting natural sculptures set against a backdrop of green variation including palm trees, cycads and exotic ferns. On ground level amidst fallen leaves and mulch, exists a bustling hive of insect activity whilst higher up in the forest canopy Somango Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys and Bushbabies frolic. Further inland a myriad of mangrove swamps, freshwater lakes and river estuaries attract a large variety of bird life and boast a prolific array of flora and fauna.
Attractions in the region include amongst others; the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park - a World Heritage Site, Kosi Bay Mouth where fresh water estuaries converge with the Indian Ocean, Kosi Bay fresh water lake system, where one can see the traditional Zulu fish traps still in use and Sodwana Bay which is a renowned deep sea fishing and diving destination and host to many of the Bill Fish deep sea fishing competitions.

Accommodation Elephant Coast

Throughout the region a number of intimate guesthouses and lodges offer accommodation to those wishing to explore this unique area. Ranging from rustic to luxurious, visitors are spoilt for choice. Activities on offer at many of the lodges and by private touring companies include scuba diving, turtle tours, bird watching, game viewing, shore and deep sea fishing, walking, snorkelling, 4x4 trails and more ...

The area has a tropical climate with most of the rainfall occurring in the summer months. Temperatures average approximately 28 - 30 degrees Celsius during summer and can be very humid. During winter little rainfall is experienced and the days are mild and dry. The region falls within the Malaria belt and visitors should exercise caution, however the current risk of Malaria is very low.

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