Find coordinates in Kwazulu

If the map doesn't open full size, click the refresh page button

Zoom in as Close as possible to get the most accurate positioning.

To move the map hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse. To enlarge a particular area click on the grid lines on the left side of the map. Zoom in and change to Satellite or Hybrid view for an accurate reading. DON'T FORGET TO ZOOM IN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE TO GET AN ACCURATE READING.

When you click on a particular spot a marker will be generated at that point. Click on the marker to display the longitude/latitude of the point.

You can copy and paste the coordinates to where ever they are needed. To do this- Move your mouse pointer over the balloon showing the latitude and longitude. Hold the left mouse button down and highlight the area to copy. Then click the right mouse button and chose copy. Then go to the form where you are adding your details and press the right mouse button again and chose paste in the lat and lng boxes.

Click the Clear Button to remove the marker(s).