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Warriors Gate

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"Warrior's Gate"


Memorable Order Of Tin Hats

The Memorable Order of Tin Hats, an international organization of Front Line ex-servicemen and women was founded here in Durban in 1927, by Charles Evenden, then the Cartoonist on the staff of the Natal Mercury newspaper; the publication of his Cartoon depicting ‘Forgetfulness’ led directly to the founding of the Order, the Three Ideals of which are True Comradeship, Mutual Help and Sound Memory. These are practiced by the many thousands of Members of the Order, who are usually called ‘Moths’.

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Forgetfulness                         Mount Memory

                          Forgetfulness by Charles Evenden                                               Mount Memory

The Headquarters of the Order are lodged in the foremost Shrine of the Order, this being WARRIORS GATE, situated at the corner of Old Fort Road and Masabalala Yengwa Avenue, in Durban. In addition to its Headquarters function, Warriors Gate is also a Museum of Militaria, displaying many hundreds of artifacts from around the world, and spanning hundreds of years. It houses a large collection of Medals, badges and sidearms as well as Insignia of over 500 “Shellholes”, these being the individual Units of the Order.

There is a second Shrine located in the southern Drakensberg at Winterton, which comprises a number of Walls of Remembrance, positioned so as to face the Cross of Remembrance, positioned on the hill named Mount Memory. A further artifact of great interest is the Weeping Cross, situated near the Alan Wilson Shellhole in Pietermaritzburg; this Cross is constructed from timber brought back from the site of the Battle of Delville Wood, fought in July, 1916 in France, and “Weeps” a fluid every year close to the Anniversary of that Battle. It is thought that this will continue until there are no living survivors of that Battle.

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Inside Warrior's gate      Warrior's Gate      Memory wall

There is no Charge to visit the Museum, although all Donations are welcome. A Custodian is on duty to escort visitors around the Museum. Hours of attendance are Tuesday to Friday and Sunday 11:00 to 15:00. Saturday 10:00 to 12:00. Closed Mondays and Public Holidays.

Warrior's Gate

031 307 3337

1 NMR Avenue, Old Fort Road, Durban.

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