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The training pool at 2nd Breath Scuba Diving Margate is adjacent to two of the world’s premier dive locations, namely Protea Banks and Aliwal Shoal, with average sea temperature 22º C. Both locations offer variety of different dives. All diving is conducted from boats. Besides conducting training dives, 2nd Breath Scuba Diving can arrange charters for the experienced certified diver at both locations. Aliwal is eminently suitable for novice divers.

There are a number of different sites in the 9-16 metre range, all with a seemingly infinite variety of colourful reef inhabitants including soft and hard corals. For more experienced divers there are additional sites in the 19 to 27 metre range, where bigger creatures like potato bass, giant guitarfish, manta, eagle and sting rays may be found – and if really lucky, even the occasional whale shark.

Pods of dolphins are often spotted, if not during the dive then from the boat. In addition there are two well inhabited shipwrecks just off the Shoal. Protea Banks is definitely for the advanced diver and adrenalin junky! Depths are 30+ metres, and drift diving is the norm given the prevailing 4-6 knot current. This is where you will see the big, free swimming pelagic creatures like barracuda, swordfish, tuna, sailfish and other game fish to sharks. Particularly in winter, it is more the norm than the exception to encounter whales species like humpback and southern right. There are a number of other superb dive locations locally. To briefly name but a few: Cowrie Reef, Landers Reef out of Park Rynie, Adda Reef, Bo Boyi Reef, Potato Reef and Deep Salmon out of Margate.

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2nd Breath Scuba Diving

2nd Breath Scuba Diving

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