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Margate, situated at the heart of The Hibiscus Coast, has been previously described as being far preferable to the French and Italian Rivieras. It's breathtaking beaches, spectacular seafood restaurants, arts and crafts, exhilarating and diverse holiday activities, as well as attractive retirement options, have transformed Margate into a premier accommodation destination.

Margate was named after a seaside town in Kent, England which was purchased by an English investor named Hugh Balance in 1921, who saw it as possessing strong tourist potential, but could persuade only one fellow investor to share his dream.

Promotion was needed, and in 1922 millions of newspaper readers around the globe suddenly 'discovered' Margate when Balance wrote to the world's press about the beached remains of a 'mammoth', hairy and bloodless monster, he had witnessed being killed by two whales in a titanic struggle just beyond the breakers.

A spring tide removed the evidence before a flurry of scientific enquiry could descend on the town and quite possibly ruin the authors' credibility. Margate was and is now highlighted on every atlas.

Margate Accommodation

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